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Government of Malawi for successful project implementation

 The Exchange of Letters between the Government of Malawi and the US Government on September 20, 2013 was not enough  for Government to prove its commitment to project implementation.  As soon as the two governments exchanged letters, the  Ministry of Energy represented by the Principal Secretary Dr Winford Masanjala and MCA-Malawi’s CEO, Ms Susan Banda signed  the Semi Annual Review (SAR) Guidelines Document.


The SAR process is one way of operationalizing the Paris Declaration principles of managing for results as well as mutual accountability between MCC and the Government of Malawi.  This process creates a platform through which the Government of Malawi and MCC will jointly supervise, through specific indicators, progress on the implementation of the Government’s Power Sector Reform Agenda;
The Semi-Annual Review (SAR) guidelines were developed in consultations with ESCOM, MERA and the Ministry of Energy and other project implementing partners. Project partners will ensure there is accountability throughout the process.
MCA-Malawi and the Project Implementing Partners will use evidence-based analysis to ensure technical credibility to reporting progress on milestones to minimise any biases, we will engage stakeholders from the start to promote and encourage country ownership.  The public will also be key in reporting project progress through open and transparent debates.
The signed Semi-Annual Review Guidelines describe responsibilities of different players, and outlines the structure of the reports to be presented during the forums and the management and coordinating arrangements.