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MCA-Malawi Compact moves a step further to revitalise the power sector in Malawi

MCA-Malawi Compact moves a step further to revitalise the power sector in Malawi

After Entry Into Force in September 20, 2013, the Compact continues to make progress in project implementation.  Today, MCA-Malawi, together with its Project Partner, ESCOM, held a kick-off meeting with the Consulting Engineer, Fichtner.

This is a milestone for the Infrastructure Development Project which has three main activities in power generation, transmission, and distribution.  The investments that will be made under the project are aimed at improving the availability, reliability, and quality of the power supply by increasing the throughput capacity and stability of the national electricity grid and increasing efficiency of hydropower generation in Malawi.

The Consulting Engineer is responsible for project design, implementation and supervision. Fichtner Group has worked in similar projects in all but seven countries in Africa.  In Malawi, the group completed the Wovwe hydropower station which feeds 4.5MW to the national grid in the Northern Region. 

Participants in the meeting include MCA-Malawi, MCC and ESCOM.

“We are looking forward to this long awaited project.  I believe interaction will lead to knowledge transfer and   We are looking forward to interact with Fichtner to get knowledge and experience,” Mr Lameck Ntchembe, ESCOM’s Director of Planning and Projects, as well as head of the implementing unit responsible for the Compact project.``