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MCC Compact applauded for its human rights approach to development

Traditional Authority (TA) Fukamalaza has applauded the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact for its rights approach in resettlement and grievance management.  TA Fukamalaza observed that it is rare for projects to take into account people’s welfare before, during and after implementation of the project.

“You are not coming here just to disturb our people but you are making sure that their livelihood is restored as a means of survival. I have never seen this before”,

TA Fukamalaza applauded the Compact during the establishment of Village Resettlement and Grievance Management Committee (VRGMC). 

MCA-Malawi has since the Compact development process, consulted community members on the key constraints to economic growth in Malawi.  In its implementation phase, MCA-Malawi continues to engage community members on progress and to solicit views from them.  


To ensure that Project Affected Persons (PAPs) are improve their livelihood, MCA-Malawi is currently conducting  Financial Literacy Training. 

Over 3,000 PAPs on the 400kV overhead line running from Balaka to Lilongwe have already undergone the Financial Literacy Training.  The Trainings are being facilitated by the District Trade Officers, District Community Development Officers and Community Development Assistants under MCA-Malawi supervision.

“It is only when these people receive proper information and guidance that they will make good decisions.  This is why I am saying that MCA-Malawi is human rights focused because it is putting the people first. Training people before compensation is worthy praising,” said Fukamalaza, attracting a round of applause from his subjects. 

The FLT for the 132kV line will be conducted in September 2015.  MCA-Malawi is training the PAPs on Financial Literacy to ensure that they use their compensation money prudently to rebuild their livelihood.