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Report your grievances and be heard

Project Affected Persons (PAPs) and community members in Nkhata-Bay have been advised to immediately report any grievances arising from Compact related activities.  The call was made by Nkhata-Bay District Council’s Director of Planning and Development (DPD), Francis Matewere, during establishment of the Village Resettlement and Grievance Management Committee (VRGMC) at Muzgora in the District.

Matewere urged PAPs to make use of the established committees in their locations, observing that they are composed of people with different expertise.

“Please urgently use these committees to have your grievances heard, recorded and addressed. These committees have capable people who will surely assist you. As you can see, they are people from different backgrounds with various skills, experiences and knowledge. Use them,” said Matewere during the formation of one of the committees.

He enlightened the gathering that even in cases where committees failed to resolve the issues, there are still mechanisms put in place to seek help at the district and national levels disclosing that his committee at district level, will be waiting to resolve any grievances.



“Even where the district committee fails, our colleagues from Millennium Challenge Account in Lilongwe will be handy to help at national level,” he added.  “We want the issues to be resolved as quickly as possible so that you get compensated on time and this will be done when all the issues are resolved,” he concluded.


During the meetings, the PAPs, traditional leaders and the general community members were given an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications regarding the Compact and all the programs under it.


 Some of the issues raised by the PAPs included modes of payment, confidentiality on compensation amounts due to each of them and on security around the same, dissatisfaction with compensation amounts and how the figures were arrived at, among many others.


MCA-Malawi with support from the District Resettlement and Grievance Management Committees (DRGMCs) of Mzuzu City, Mzimba North and Nkhata-Bay Districts has established 20 committees.  The committees will handle and manage grievances emanating from resettlement and compensation exercises of people that will be affected by the construction of the 132kV overhead line from Chintcheche in Nkhata-Bay to Bwengu in Mzimba District.  The VRGMCs will work under close supervision and guidance from the DRGMCs which are under the leadership of the Director of Planning and Development at (DPD). 


The VRGMCs and the PAPs will undergo training on how to handle grievances from the PAPs while the PAPs will undergo training in Financial Literacy to enable them have knowledge and skills on how to use the money they will receive as compensation.


Thirty two committees were established along the 400kV Line and the formation of the 20 committees under the 132kV Line in the North brings the total number of committees established under the Compact to 52.